Aerosol Climate Change Connection (AC3)

Call for Papers for the special issue "Aerosol Climate Change Connection (AC3)"


Manuscript submission deadline: December 31, 2017.

The Editorial Office of Aerosol and Air Quality Research (AAQR) would like to call for papers for a special issue with the theme "Aerosol Climate Change Connection (AC3)". Papers contributed from AC3, an International Conference held during 25-27 April, 2017 at Bose Institute, Darjeeling, India and other papers relevant to the themes of the conference are welcome. All accepted papers will be collected in a single volume as a special issue.

The AC3 special issue will highlight the recent scientific research findings on the role of aerosols on the various climate change parameters. It will mainly focus on six major themes the conference was based on; 1) optical and radiative properties of aerosols, 2) remote sensing of aerosols, 3) formation, transport and deposition of carbonaceous aerosols, 4) role of aerosols on cloud and precipitation, 5) chemical characterization of aerosols and 6) aerosols over Himalayan and non-Himalayan high altitude and remote stations. The research findings based on the above mentioned themes should be novel and of good scientific merits. These findings will be scientific evidences of the current status and future trends in air quality and climate change parameters.

The Guidelines for Authors for submitting a manuscript can be found on the website of AAQR ( The deadline for manuscript submission is December 31, 2017. Manuscripts submitted after the deadline are considered only when the space is available.

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