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Volume 15, Issue 2, April 2015

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Measurement and Analysis of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in Urban Areas of Pakistan

Anjum Rasheed, Viney P. Aneja , Anantha Aiyyer, Uzaira Rafique

Characterization and Elemental Composition of Atmospheric Aerosol Loads during Springtime Dust Storm in Western Saudi Arabia

Mansour A. Alghamdi , Mansour Almazroui, Magdy Shamy, Maria Ana Redal, Abdulrahman K. Alkhalaf, Mahmoud A. Hussein, Mamdouh I. Khoder

Investigation of Desert Dust Contribution to Source Apportionment of PM10 and PM2.5 from a Southern Mediterranean Coast

Hassen Kchih, Cinzia Perrino, Semia Cherif

Characterization of Black Carbon Aerosols over Darjeeling - A High Altitude Himalayan Station in Eastern India

Chirantan Sarkar, Abhijit Chatterjee , Ajay Kumar Singh, Sanjay Kumar Ghosh, Sibaji Raha

Hospital out-and-in-patients as Functions of Trace Gaseous Species and Other Meteorological Parameters in Chiang-Mai, Thailand

Siwatt Pongpiachan , Tassanee Paowa

Particulate Matter Distributions in China during a Winter Period with Frequent Pollution Episodes (January 2013)

Jingkun Jiang , Wei Zhou, Zhen Cheng, Shuxiao Wang, Kebin He, Jiming Hao

Particulate Characterization and Size Distribution in the Exhaust of a Gasoline Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine

Avinash Kumar Agarwal , Tarun Gupta, Jithin Lukose, Akhilendra Pratap Singh

Seasonal Variations and Sources of Carboxylic Acids in PM2.5 in Wuhan, China

Haotian Guo, Jiabin Zhou , Lei Wang, Ying Zhou, Jinpeng Yuan, Rusong Zhao

Water Soluble Ionic Components in Particulate Matter (PM10) during High Pollution Episode Days at Mohal and Kothi in the North-Western Himalaya, India

Jagdish Chandra Kuniyal , Manum Sharma, Kesar Chand, Chandra Shekhar Mathela

Predicting Common Air Quality Index – The Case of Czech Microregions

Petr Hajek , Vladimir Olej