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Volume 15, Issue 1, February 2015

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About the Cover: A solar-assisted large-scale cleaning system (SALSCS) is proposed for urban air remediation. The system consists of a solar collector, a chimney, and a filter bank. The air flow is driven by buoyancy towards the chimney. A filter bank is used to collect the PM2.5 and larger PM. The system can be complemented by introduction of fans to generate electricity or drive the flow in the absence of solar radiation. Numerical simulations demonstrated that SALSCS is promising for air pollution abatement. View the article.

Characterization of PM Using Multiple Site Data in a Heavily Industrialized Region of Turkey

Melik Kara, Philip K. Hopke , Yetkin Dumanoglu, Hasan Altiok, Tolga Elbir, Mustafa Odabasi, Abdurrahman Bayram

Suppression of Cluster Ions during Rapidly Increasing Particle Number Concentration Events in the Environment

E. Rohan Jayaratne, Xuan Ling, Lidia Morawska

Indirect Evidence for the Presence of Secondary Phosphorus in Continental Fine Aerosol

Krisztina Krassován, Zsófia Kertész, Kornélia Imre, András Gelencsér

Diagnostic Analysis of the Sulfate Aerosol Pollution in Spring over Pearl River Delta, China

Qi Fan, Jing Lan, Yiming Liu, Xuemei Wang , Pakwai Chan, Shaojia Fan, Yingying Hong, Yexin Liu, Yanjun Zeng, Guixiong Liang, Yerong Feng

Bulk Level to Individual Particle Level Chemical Composition of Atmospheric Dust Aerosols (PM5) over a Semi-Arid Urban Zone of Western India (Rajasthan)

Rajesh Agnihotri , Sumit K. Mishra, Pawan Yadav, Sukhvir Singh, Rashmi Rashmi, M.V.S.N. Prasad, C. Sharma, Bhuwan Chandra Arya

Cultural and Ritual Burning Emission Factors and Activity Levels in India

Shamsh Pervez , Rajan Chakrabarty, Shippi Dewangan, John G. Watson, Judith C. Chow, Jeevan Lal Matawle, Yasmeen Pervez

Small-Scale Study of Siberian Biomass Burning: I. Smoke Microstructure

Olga B. Popovicheva , Valerii S. Kozlov, Guenter Engling, Evangelia Diapouli, Natalia M. Persiantseva, Mikhail A. Timofeev, Ting-Sin Fan, Dikaia Saraga, Konstantinos Eleftheriadis

Measurements of Nanoscale TiO2 and Al2O3 in Industrial Workplace Environments – Methodology and Results

Heinz Kaminski , Mathias Beyer, Heinz Fissan, Christof Asbach, Thomas A.J. Kuhlbusch

On-Road Measurements of Ultrafine Particles and Associated Air Pollutants in a Densely Populated Area of Seoul, Korea

Kyung Hwan Kim, Daekwang Woo, Seung-Bok Lee, Gwi-Nam Bae

A Study of the Dynamic Behaviour of Fine Particulate Matter in Santiago, Chile

Giovanni A. Salini , Patricio Pérez

A Simplified Approach to Calculate Particle Growth Rate Due to Self-Coagulation, Scavenging and Condensation Using SMPS Measurements during a Particle Growth Event in New Delhi

Bighnaraj Sarangi, Shankar G. Aggarwal , Prabhat K. Gupta

Development of PM0.1 Personal Sampler for Evaluation of Personal Exposure to Aerosol Nanoparticles

Thunyapat Thongyen, Mitsuhiko Hata, Akira Toriba, Takuji Ikeda, Hiromi Koyama, Yoshio Otani, Masami Furuuchi

Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound (BVOC) Emissions from Various Endemic Tree Species in Turkey

Baris Yaman, Yagmur Meltem Aydin, Husnu Koca, Okan Dasdemir, Melik Kara, Hasan Altiok, Yetkin Dumanoglu, Abdurrahman Bayram, Doganay Tolunay, Mustafa Odabasi, Tolga Elbir