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Volume 13, Issue 4, August 2013

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Technical Note: Concerns on the Use of Ozone Scrubbers for Gaseous Carbonyl Measurement by DNPH-Coated Silica Gel Cartridge

Steven Sai Hang Ho , Ho Sai Simon Ip, Kin Fai Ho, Wen-Ting Dai, Junji Cao, Louisa Pan Ting Ng

Technical Note: Experiences of Studying Airborne Wear Particles from Road and Rail Transport

Saeed Abbasi , Ulf Sellgren, Ulf Olofsson

Real-Time Measurement of Trace Air Toxic Vehicular Emissions by REMPI-TOFMS during Dynamometer Driving Cycles

Brian K. Gullett , Lukas Oudejans, Abderrahmane Touati

Long Term Black Carbon Measurements at Two Urban Locations in New York

Oliver V. Rattigan , Kevin Civerolo, Prakash Doraiswamy, H. Dirk Felton, Philip K. Hopke

Evolution of PM2.5 Measurements and Standards in the U.S. and Future Perspectives for China

Junji Cao , Judith C. Chow, Frank S.C. Lee, John G. Watson

Characterization of Chemical and Microbial Species from Size-Segregated Indoor and Outdoor Particulate Samples

Olli Sippula , Helena Rintala, Mikko Happo, Pasi Jalava, Kari Kuuspalo, Annika Virén, Ari Leskinen, Ari Markkanen, Mika Komppula, Piia Markkanen, Kari Lehtinen, Jorma Jokiniemi, Maija-Riitta Hirvonen

Fine Scale Modeling of Agricultural Air Quality over the Southeastern United States Using Two Air Quality Models. Part I. Application and Evaluation

Yang Zhang , Kristen M. Olsen, Kai Wang

Evaluation of a Modified Receptor Model for Solving Multiple Time Resolution Equations: A Simulation Study

Ho-Tang Liao, Cheng-Pin Kuo, Philip K. Hopke, Chang-Fu Wu

Transported and Local Organic Aerosols over Fukuoka, Japan

Kei Sato , Akinori Takami, Satoshi Irei, Takao Miyoshi, Yoshimi Ogawa, Ayako Yoshino, Hiroyasu Nakayama, Megumi Maeda, Shiro Hayakeyama, Keiichiro Hara, Masahiko Hayashi, Naoki Kaneyasu

A Fast Monte Carlo Method Based on an Acceptance-Rejection Scheme for Particle Coagulation

Jianming Wei

Insights into Chemical Coupling among Acidic Gases, Ammonia and Secondary Inorganic Aerosols

Sailesh N. Behera, Raghu Betha, Rajasekhar Balasubramanian

Influence of Meteorological Parameters and Air Pollutants onto the Morbidity due to Respiratory Diseases in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Federico Monsalve, Clemente Tomás, Roberto Fraile

Rapid Thermal Synthesis of Nano Titanium Dioxide Powders Using a Plasma Torch

Ya-Fen Wang, Hsing-Yuan Yen, Ying I. Tsai, Hong-Miao Chen, Cheng-Hsien Tsai

Effects of Nitrogen Availability on the Bioenergy Production Potential and CO2 Fixation of Thermosynechococcus CL-1 under Continuous Cultivation

Chih Ming Su, Hsin Ta Hsueh, Hsing Hui Chen, Hsin Chu

Volatile Organic Compounds in Roadside Environment of Hong Kong

Kin Fai Ho , Steven Sai Hang Ho, Shun Cheng Lee, Peter Kwok Keung Louie, Junji Cao, Wenjing Deng

Contribution of Fungal Spores to Organic Carbon Aerosol in Indoor and Outdoor Environments in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Hongxia Wang , Hongxia Wang, Hongxia Wang, Tiina Reponen, Atin Adhikari, Sergey A. Grinshpun

Elemental Composition of PM2.5 Particles Sampled in Industrial and Residential Areas of Taif, Saudi Arabia

Abdallah A. Shaltout , Johan Boman, Dhaif-allah R. Al-Malawi, Zuhair F. Shehadeh

Release of Harmful Air Pollutants from Open Burning of Domestic Municipal Solid Wastes in a Metropolitan Area of Korea

Young Koo Young Koo, Wooram Kim, Young Min Jo

The Characteristics of PM2.5 and Its Chemical Compositions between Different Prevailing Wind Patterns in Guangzhou

Shih-Yu Chang , Charles C.K. Chou, Shaw Liu, Yuanhang Zhang

Aerosol-Cloud-Interaction Variability Induced by Atmospheric Brown Clouds during the 2009 Indian Summer Monsoon Drought

Rohini L. Bhawar , P.R.C. Rahul