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Volume 12, Issue 6, December 2012

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Performance Evaluation of an Andersen Cascade Impactor with an Additional Stage for Nanoparticle Sampling

Mitsuhiko Hata , Bao Linfa, Yoshio Otani, Masami Furuuchi

Regression Analyses between Recent Air Quality and Visibility Changes in Megacities at Four Haze Regions in China

Mang Lin, Jun Tao, Chuen-Yu Chan , Jun-Ji Cao, Zhi-Sheng Zhang, Li-Hua Zhu, Ren-Jian Zhang

Organic and Black Carbon in PM2.5 at an Urban Site at Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bilkis A. Begum, Anwar Hossain, Nurun Nahar, Andreas Markwitz, Philip K. Hopke

Asian Dust Detection from the Satellite Observations of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)

Xuepeng Zhao

Analysis of Diurnal and Seasonal Behavior of Surface Ozone and Its Precursors (NOx) at a Semi-Arid Rural Site in Southern India

B. Suresh Kumar Reddy, K. Raghavendra Kumar, G. Balakrishnaiah, K. Rama Gopal , R.R. Reddy, V. Sivakumar, A.P. Lingaswamy, S.Md. Arafath, K. Umadevi, S. Pavan Kumari, Y. Nazeer Ahammed, Shyam Lal

Chemical Modification of Dust Particles during Different Dust Storm Episodes

Weijun Li, Longyi Shao

Influence of an Asian Dust Storm and Southeast Asian Biomass Burning on the Characteristics of Seashore Atmospheric Aerosols in Southern Taiwan

Jen-Hsiung Tsai, Kuo-Lin Huang, Neng-Huei Lin, Shui-Jen Chen , Ta-Chang Lin, Shih-Chieh Chen, Chih-Chung Lin, Shih-Chieh Hsu, Wen-Yinn Lin

Development of a Novel Porous Membrane Denuder for SO2 Measurement

Lin Shou, Alex Theodore, Chang-Yu Wu , Yu-Mei Hsu, Brian Birky

Numerical Error Analysis of Solvers Using Cumulative Number Distribution with Volume-Ratio Grid Spacing in Initially Particle-Free Nucleation-Condensation Systems

Masaru Yamamoto

Atmospheric Concentrations and Dry Deposition of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Southern Taiwan

Long-Full Lin, Kai-Ling Chang, Wei-Tung Liao , Yi-Chieh Lai , Yen-Yi Lee, Lin-Chi Wang, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien

Black Carbon and Organic Components in the Atmosphere of Southern Italy: Comparing Emissions from Different Sources and Production Processes of Carbonaceous Particles

Giulia Pavese, Mariarosaria Calvello, Francesco Esposito

Indoor and Outdoor Chemical Components of PM2.5 in the Rural Areas of Northwestern China

Chong-Shu Zhu , Jun-Ji Cao , Zhen-Xing Shen, Sui-Xin Liu, Ting Zhang, Zhu-Zi Zhao, Hong-Mei Xu, Er-Ke Zhang

Determination of Aerosol Characteristics and Direct Radiative Forcing at Pune

G.V. Pawar, P.C.S Devara, S.D. More, P. Pradeep Kumar, G.R. Aher

Real-Time Characterization of Particle-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons at a Heavily Trafficked Roadside Site

Yan Cheng, Kin Fai Ho, Wen Jing Wu, Steven Sai Hang Ho, Shun Cheng Lee , Yu Huang, Yun Wei Zhang, Pui Shan Yau, Yuan Gao, Chi Sing Chan

Brownian Coagulation of Knudsen Particles on Evaporating/Condensing Aerosol Droplet; Modeling of Capture of Soot Particles by Marine Fog

Marek A. Sitarski

Micro-Meteorological Elements and Their Vertical Profiles during a Dust Event over a Loess Plateau in March 2010

Xiao-Lu Ling, Wei-Dong Guo , Qian-Fei Zhao, Ye Liu, Jian-Rong Bi

Characterization of Desert Road Dust Aerosol from Provinces of Afghanistan and Iraq

Nikolaj Dobrzhinsky, Edvinas Krugly, Linas Kliucininkas, Tadas Prasauskas, Maksim Kireitseu, Axel Zerrath, Dainius Martuzevicius

A Prognostic Approach Based on Fuzzy-Logic Methodology to Forecast PM10 Levels in Khaldiya Residential Area, Kuwait

Kaan Yetilmezsoy , Sabah Ahmed Abdul-Wahab

Aircraft Measurements of Ionic and Elemental Components in PM2.5 over Eastern Coastal Area of China

Lihong Ren, Renjian Zhang , Zhipeng Bai, Jianhua Chen, Hongjie Liu, Meigen Zhang, Xiaoyang Yang, Leiming Zhang

Chemical Speciation and Source Assignment of Particulate (PM10) Phase Molecular Markers in Mumbai

Mihir Herlekar, Abba Elizabeth Joseph, Rakesh Kumar , Indrani Gupta

Measurement Study of Diurnal Variations of PM2.5 Mass Concentrations and Affecting Factors on Pollutant Dispersion in Urban Street Canyons under Weak-Wind Conditions in Xi’an

Yun-Wei Zhang, Zhao-Lin Gu , Yan Cheng, Zhen-Xing Shen, Jun-Gang Dong, Shun-Cheng Lee

An Environmental Chamber Study of the Characteristics of Air Pollutants Released from Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Bei Wang, Steven Sai Hang Ho , Kin Fai Ho, Yu Huang, Chi Sing Chan, Natale Sin Yau Feng, Simon Ho Sai Ip

Airborne Crocidolite Asbestos Fibers in Indoor and Outdoor Air in a Rural Area, China

Binggan Wei, Linsheng Yang , Xiuwu Zhang, Biao Zhang, Jiangping Yu, Xianjie Jia

Pollutant Emission Reduction and Engine Performance Improvement by Using a Semi-Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled by LPG

Yuh-Yih Wu, Bo-Chiuan Chen, Anh-Trung Tran

Dry Deposition of Atmospheric Particle-Bound Mercury in the Middle Taiwan

Guor-Cheng Fang , Jen-Hsiung Tsai, Yan-Heng Lin, Chia-Ying Chang

Formation of PCDD/Fs in the Cooling Down Process of Incineration Flue Gas

Yeu-Juin Tuan, H. Paul Wang , Juu-En Chang

Measurements and PCA/APCS Analyses of Volatile Organic Compounds in Kaohsiung Municipal Sewer Systems, Southern Taiwan

Chin-Hung Huang, Kang-Shin Chen , Hsin-Kai Wang

Preparation of TiO2-Coated Polyester Fiber Filter by Spray-Coating and Its Photocatalytic Degradation of Gaseous Formaldehyde

Zhenan Han, Victor W.C. Chang , Li Zhang, Man Siu Tse, Ooi Kiang Tan, Lynn M. Hildemann

Concentrations and Size Distributions of Airborne Microorganisms in Guangzhou during Summer

Xinyu Chen , Pixin Ran, Kinfai Ho, Wenju Lu, Bing Li, Zhongpeng Gu, Chaojie Song, Jian Wang

Distribution of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in a Fly Ash Treatment Plant

Wei-Tung Liao, John Kennedy Mwangi, Hsiao-Hsuan Mi , Lin-Chi Wang , Li-Kai Tu, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien

Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide by Iron-Rich Soil: Application of the Deactivation Kinetic Model for Fitting Breakthrough Curve

Tzu-Hsing Ko , Hsin-Ta Hsueh

Aerosol Size Spectra and Particle Formation Events at Urban Shanghai in Eastern China

Jianfei Du, Tiantao Cheng , Min Zhang, Jianmin Chen, Qianshan He , Xuemei Wang, Renjian Zhang, Jun Tao, Guanghan Huang, Xiang Li, Shuping Zha

Correlation between the Concentration of Aromatic Hydrocarbons and BaP from Coke Oven Fugitive Emissions in Shanxi, China

Zhen Li, Ling Mu, Lin Peng , Hui-Ling Bai, Xiao-Feng Liu, Bin Du

Metal Behavior during Vitrification of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Fly Ash

Yi-Ming Kuo , Kuo-Lin Huang, Chitsan Lin

A Novel Two-Stage Scrubbing Technology for Odor Control of Kitchen Waste Composting

Wei-Hsiang Chen, Jun-Hong Lin, Yuan-Chung Lin

VOC Emission from Building Materials in Residential Buildings with Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Sun Sook Kim , Dong Hwa Kang, Dong Hee Choi, Myoung Souk Yeo, Kwang Woo Kim

CO2 Emissions from a Steel Mill and a Petro-Chemical Industry

Ta-Chang Lin, Chia-Yu Lee, Wei-Tung Liao , Hsiao-Hsuan Mi , Shun-Shiang Chang, Juu-En Chang, Chih-Cheng Chao

Chemical Looping Process - A Novel Technology for Inherent CO2 Capture

Ping-Chin Chiu, Young Ku

CO2 Capture by Using Blended Hydraulic Slag Cement via a Slurry Reactor

E.E. Chang, Ya-Chun Wang, Shu-Yuan Pan, Yi-Hung Chen, Pen-Chi Chiang

Aerosol Features during Drought and Normal Monsoon Years: A Study Undertaken with Multi-Platform Measurements over a Tropical Urban Site

K. Vijayakumar, P.C.S. Devara , C.P. Simha

Methane Interannual Distribution over Peninsular Malaysia from Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Data: 2003–2009

Jasim M. Rajab , M.Z. MatJafri, H.S. Lim

Electron Beam Assisted Gas Phase Synthesis of SiO2 Nanoparticles in an Ambient Condition

Jin Hyoung Kim, Youngku Sohn, Insoo Kim, Bumsoo Han, Weon Gyu Shin