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Volume 11, Issue 1, February 2011

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Characteristics of Atmospheric Elemental Carbon (Char and Soot) in Ultrafine and Fine Particles in a Roadside Environment, Japan

Kyung Hwan Kim, Kazuhiko Sekiguchi , Shinji Kudo, Kazuhiko Sakamoto

Emissions of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins and Dibenzofurans from an Electric Arc Furnace, Secondary Aluminum Smelter, Crematory and Joss Paper Incinerators

Jui-Chi Chiu, Yun-Hwei Shen , Hsing-Wang Li , Long-Full Lin, Lin-Chi Wang, Guo-Ping Chang-Chien

Eliminating Numerical Artifacts When Presenting Moving Center Sectional Aerosol Size Distributions

Adam J. Mohs, Frank M. Bowman

Chemical Characterization of Fine and Coarse Particles in Gosan, Korea during Springtime Dust Events

Elizabeth A. Stone , Soon-Chang Yoon, James J. Schauer

Influence of Traffic Flow Patterns on Air Quality inside the Longest Tunnel in Asia

Chih Ming Ma, Gui Bing Hong, Chang Tang Chang

Ozonation of Odorous Compounds in Gases Emitted from Rubber Processing Industries

Chih-Hao Perng, I-Li Cheng Cheng, I-Ching Wang, Ming-Shean Chou

In Situ Measurements of Hydrogen Peroxide, Nitric Acid and Reactive Nitrogen to Assess the Ozone Sensitivity in Pingtung County, Taiwan

Y.P. Peng, K.S. Chen , H.K. Wang, C.H. Lai

Chemical Composition of Indoor and Outdoor Atmospheric Particles at Emperor Qin's Terra-cotta Museum, Xi’an, China

Jun-ji Cao , Hua Li, Judith C. Chow, John G. Watson, Shuncheng Lee, Bo Rong, Jun-gang Dong, Kin-fai Ho

Characteristics of Submicron-sized Aerosol Filtration and Pressure Drop of an Electret Filter Installed in an Air Diffuser in a Residential Apartment Unit

Kwang-Chul Noh, Jae-Hong Park, Yee-Kyeong Jung, Sunghwan Yi, Jungho Hwang

Application of Electrostatic Precipitator in Collection of Smoke Aerosol Particles from Wood Combustion

Chayasak Ruttanachot, Yutthana Tirawanichakul, Perapong Tekasakul