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Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2006

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Numerical Investigation of Flow and Dust Concentration Distributions in the Work Area of a Mountain Tunnel Currently under Construction

Chikao Kanaoka, Masami Furuuchi , Thosihiko Myojo, Jun-ichi Inaba, Kazuyo Ohmata

Biomonitoring of Trace Element Air Pollution Using Mosses

Sharmistha Chakrabortty, Govind Tryambakro Paratkar

Deposition Fraction of Aerosol Particles in a Human Oral Airway Model on Stable Condition

Lianzhong Zhang , Hongjuan Cheng, Chenbing Zhang, Zhaojin Xu, Jian Ye

Physicochemical Characterization and Origin of the 20 March 2002 Heavy Dust Storm in Beijing

Renjian Zhang , Zifa Wang, Zhenxin Shen, S. Yabuki, Y. Kanai, A. Ohta

Source Apportionment of Human Exposure to Particulates in Mumbai, India

Milind M. Kulkarni

Chemical Identification of Urban Air Particulates in the Environment of Pune City (India) By Raman Spectroscopy

Vinayak Marutirao Harpale , Sachin Dattatraya Ralegankar, Dattatraya Bhikaji Jadhav, Sanjay Daga Dhole

Generation and Evaluation of Monodisperse Sodium Chloride and Oleic Acid Nanoparticles

Tzu Ming Chen, Hung Min Chein

Weekend Ozone Effect over Rural and Urban Site in India

S.B. Debaje , A.D. Kakade