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Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2001

Cover Page and Content

Asian Dust Storm and Their Impact on the Air Quality of Taiwan

Shaw Chen Liu , Chein-Jung Shiu

The Elemental Contents and Fractal Dimensions of PM2.5 in Taipei City

Jin-Lan Chen, Chung-Te Lee , Shyh-Yuh Chang, Charles C. K. Chou

Photophoresis of an Aerosol Sphere in a Spherical Cavity

Huan J. Keh

Numerical Simulation of Effects of Moving Operator on the Removal of Particles in Clean Room

Wu-Shung Fu , Shih-Fa Chen, Suh-Jenq Yang

On the Theory of Particle Cutoff Diameter and Collection Efficiency of Cyclones

Kung-Yu Kuo, Chuen-Jinn Tsai

PAHs and Aerosol Carbons in the Exhaust of a Gasoline Powered Engine

Shui-Jen Chen , Wei-Jain Jian, Yi-Chu Huang, Chu-Chin Hsieh, Meei-Feng Shun, Bai-Luh Wei

Emission and Dry Deposition Characteristics of Metal Elements from Engineering Construction Sites

Hsi-Hsien Yang , Ching-Mi Yang, Chih-Ho Wong, Chu-Chin Hsieh, Hsiao-Hsuan Mi, Tze-Wen Chi

Comparsion of PAH Emission from a Municipal Waste Incinerator and Mobile Sources

Hsiao-Hsuan Mi , Chow-Feng Chiang, Ching-Cheng Lai, Lin-Chi Wang, Hsi-Hsien Yang

Aromatics Formation in the Oxidations of Trichloroethylene with Methane

Yp-Ping G. Wu , Ya-Fen Lin