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Radiative Forcing of Carbonaceous Aerosols over Two Urban Environments in Northern India

Category: Aerosol and Atmospheric Chemistry

Accepted Manuscripts
DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2017.01.0056
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Abhilash S. Panicker 1, Rathod Aditi1, Gufran Beig1, Kaushar Ali1, Fabien Solmon2

  • 1 Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune 411008, India
  • 2 International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), 34151 Trieste, Italy


Radiative forcing of Organic Carbon (OC) and Elemental Carbon (EC) were estimated.
EC induced Atmospheric radiative forcing showed an enhancement of 20 to 43 W m–2.
The OC forcing was meager inspite of its higher concentration compared to EC.


Radiative forcing of Elemental Carbon (EC) and Organic Carbon (OC) has been estimated over two urban environments in Northern India (Jabalpur (JBL) and Udaipur (UDPR)) during November 2011–November 2012 (up to September 2012 over Jabalpur). The elemental carbon concentrations were up to 7.36 ± 1.99 µg m–3 over JBL and were as high as 10.78 ± 4.85 µg m–3 over UDPR. Whereas the corresponding OC concentrations showed much larger concentration in different months (as high as 19.37 ± 12.6 µg m–3 over JBL and was up to 39.71 ± 13.05 µg m–3 over UDPR). The radiative forcing for OC and EC has been estimated using an optical model along with a radiative transfer model. The surface OC radiative forcing found to be –2.19 ± 1.93 W m–2 to –3.083± 2.29 W m–2 over JBL and –1.97± 1.37 to –5.89 ± 2.17 W m–2 over UDPR. Whereas the estimated Top of the Atmosphere (TOA) forcing has ranged between –0.87 ± 0.49 to –1.87 ± 0.90W m–2 over JBL and –1.23 ± 0.31 to –3.44 ± 1.51 W m–2 over UDPR. However the effect of EC forcing (As high as –21.75 W m–2 at surface and +6.3 W m–2 at TOA over JBL and –38.21 W m–2 at surface and +5.05 W m–2 at TOA over UDPR) found to be more than ten fold higher than OC forcing due to its strong atmospheric absorption, inspite of much lower concentration compared to OC.


Elemental carbon Organic carbon Radiative forcing

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