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Keyword: Oxygen carrier

Fabrication of Fe2O3/TiO2 Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion and Hydrogen Generation

Yu-Cheng Liu, Young Ku , Yao-Hsuan Tseng, Hao-Yeh Lee, Yu-Lin Kuo

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2015.10.0603 | Volume: 16| Issue: 8| Pages: 2023-2032

Use of Spinel Nickel Aluminium Ferrite as Self-Supported Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Hydrogen Generation Process

Yu-Lin Kuo , Wei-Chen Huang, Wei-Mau Hsu, Yao-Hsuan Tseng, Young Ku

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2015.05.0300 | Volume: 15| Issue: 7| Pages: 2700-2708

Chemical Looping Process - A Novel Technology for Inherent CO2 Capture

Ping-Chin Chiu, Young Ku

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2012.08.0215 | Volume: 12| Issue: 6| Pages: 1421-1432

The Effect of the Support Structure and Size of Cu-based Oxygen Carriers on the Performance of Chemical Looping Air Separation

Hou-Chuan Wang , Hsiu-Hsia Lee, Ming-Hui Chang, Hou-Peng Wan, Jui-Yen Cheng, Ting-Yi Wu

DOI: 10.4209/aaqr.2019.06.0310 | Volume: 20| Issue: 3| Pages: 544-556