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Volume 16, No. 3, March 2016

Cover Page and Content

Regional Air Pollution

Residential Biomass Burning Emissions over Northwestern Himalayan Region of India: Chemical Characterization and Budget Estimation
Mohit Saxena, Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Nidhi Tomar, Humaira Ghayas, Avirup Sen, Rohtash Singh Garhwal, Naresh Chandra Gupta, Tuhin Kumar Mandal
Pages 504-518

Article Full Text PDF (757 KB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (899 KB) PDF

Chemical Characterization of PM1 at a Regional Background Site in the Western Mediterranean
Nuria Galindo, Eduardo Yubero, Jose F. Nicolás, Javier Crespo, Rubén Soler
Pages 530-541

Article Full Text PDF (1.47 MB) PDF

Transported Mineral Dust Deposition Case Study at a Hydrologically Sensitive Mountain Site: Size and Composition Shifts in Ambient Aerosol and Snowpack
Jessica L. Axson, Hongru Shen, Amy L. Bondy, Christopher C. Landry, Jason Welz, Jessie M. Creamean, Andrew P. Ault
Pages 555-567

Article Full Text PDF (5.69 MB) PDF

Regional Representativeness of CH4 and N2O Mixing Ratio Measurements at High-Altitude Mountain Station Kasprowy Wierch, Southern Poland
Jarosław M. Nęcki, Michał Gałkowski, Łukasz Chmura, Christoph Gerbig, Mirosław Zimnoch, Damian Zięba, Jakub Bartyzel, Wojciech Wołkowicz, Kazimierz Różański
Pages 568-580

Article Full Text PDF (3.43 MB) PDF

Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds in the Background Atmospheres of a Southern European Mountain Site (Mt. Cimone, Italy): Annual and Seasonal Variability
Eleonora Lo Vullo, Francesco Furlani, Jgor Arduini, Umberto Giostra, Paolo Cristofanelli, Martin L. Williams, Michela Maione
Pages 581-592

Article Full Text PDF (1.18 MB) PDF

On the Transport of Urban Pollution in an Andean Mountain Valley
Ana María Cordova, Jorge Arévalo, Julio C. Marín, Darrel Baumgardner, Graciela B. Raga, Diana Pozo, Carlos A. Ochoa, Roberto Rondanelli
Pages 593-605

Article Full Text PDF (7.52 MB) PDF

Interaction between Air and Precipitation Chemistry

Chemical Composition of Fog Water at Four Sites in Taiwan
Stefan Simon, Otto Klemm, Tarek El-Madany, Joschka Walk, Katharina Amelung, Po-Hsiung Lin, Shih-Chieh Chang, Neng-Huei Lin, Guenter Engling, Shih-Chieh Hsu, Tsong-Huei Wey, Ya-Nan Wang, Yu-Chi Lee
Pages 618-631

Article Full Text PDF (922 KB) PDF

Impact of Long-Range Transported African Dust on Cloud Water Chemistry at a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest in Northeastern Puerto Rico
Carlos J. Valle-Díaz, Elvis Torres-Delgado, Stephanie M. Colón-Santos, Taehyoung Lee, Jeffrey L. Collett Jr., William H. McDowell, Olga L. Mayol-Bracero
Pages 653-664

Article Full Text PDF (1.24 MB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (300 KB) PDF

Classification of and the Exchange between the Free Troposphere and Boundary Layer

Particle Climatology in Central East China Retrieved from Measurements in Planetary Boundary Layer and in Free Troposphere at a 1500-m-High Mountaintop Site
Xiaojing Shen, Junying Sun, Xiaoye Zhang, Niku Kivekäs, Yangmei Zhang, Tingting Wang, Xiaochun Zhang, Yun Yang, Dezhong Wang, Yong Zhao, Dahe Qin
Pages 689-701

Article Full Text PDF (1.14 MB) PDF

Experimental Evidence of the Feeding of the Free Troposphere with Aerosol Particles from the Mixing Layer
Evelyn Freney, Sellegri Karine, Asmi Eija, Rose Clemence, Chauvigne Aurelien, Baray Jean-Luc, Colomb Aurelie, Hervo Maxime, Montoux Nadege, Bouvier Laeticia, Picard David
Pages 702-716

Article Full Text PDF (1.63 MB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (9.83 MB) PDF

Aerosol and Trace Gas Climatology

Ambient Air Levels of Organochlorine Pesticides at Three High Alpine Monitoring Stations: Trends and Dependencies on Geographical Origin
Manfred Kirchner, Gert Jakobi, Wolfgang Körner, Walkiria Levy, Wolfgang Moche, Bernhard Niedermoser, Marcus Schaub, Ludwig Ries, Peter Weiss, Felix Antritter, Norbert Fischer, Bernhard Henkelmann, Karl-Werner Schramm
Pages 738-751

Article Full Text PDF (379 KB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (168 KB) PDF

Black Carbon Aerosols at Mt. Muztagh Ata, a High-Altitude Location in the Western Tibetan Plateau
Chong-Shu Zhu, Jun-Ji Cao, Bai-Qing Xu, Ru-Jin Huang, Ping Wang, Kin-Fai Ho, Zhen-Xing Shen, Sui-Xin Liu, Yong-Ming Han, Xue-Xi Tie, Zhu-Zi Zhao, L.-W. Antony Chen
Pages 752-763

Article Full Text PDF (3.78 MB) PDF

A Review of More than 20 Years of Aerosol Observation at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch, Switzerland (3580 m asl)
Nicolas Bukowiecki, Ernest Weingartner, Martin Gysel, Martine Collaud Coen, Paul Zieger, Erik Herrmann, Martin Steinbacher, Heinz W. Gäggeler, Urs Baltensperger
Pages 764-788

Article Full Text PDF (916 KB) PDF

Climatology of New Particle Formation and Corresponding Precursors at Storm Peak Laboratory
A. Gannet Hallar, Ross Petersen, Ian B. McCubbin, Doug Lowenthal, Shanhu Lee, Elisabeth Andrews, Fangqun Yu
Pages 816-826

Article Full Text PDF (3.41 MB) PDF

Atmospheric Science Research at Whiteface Mountain, NY: Site Description and History
James J. Schwab, Douglas Wolfe, Paul Casson, Richard Brandt, Kenneth L. Demerjian, Liquat Husain, Vincent A. Dutkiewicz, Kevin L. Civerolo, Oliver V. Rattigan
Pages 827-840

Article Full Text PDF (1.49 MB) PDF

Atmospheric Chemistry Measurements at Whiteface Mountain, NY: Cloud Water Chemistry, Precipitation Chemistry, and Particulate Matter
James J. Schwab, Paul Casson, Richard Brandt, Liquat Husain, Vincent Dutkewicz, Douglas Wolfe, Kenneth L. Demerjian, Kevin L. Civerolo, Oliver V. Rattigan, H. Dirk Felton, James E. Dukett
Pages 841-854

Article Full Text PDF (776 KB) PDF

Aerosol Measurements at South Pole: Climatology and Impact of Local Contamination
Patrick Sheridan, Elisabeth Andrews, Lauren Schmeisser, Brian Vasel, John Ogren
Pages 855-872

Article Full Text PDF (1.86 MB) PDF

Atmospheric Chemistry Measurements at Whiteface Mountain, NY: Ozone and Reactive Trace Gases
Richard E. Brandt, James J. Schwab, Paul W. Casson, Utpal K. Roychowdhury, Douglas Wolfe, Kenneth L. Demerjian, Kevin L. Civerolo, Oliver V. Rattigan, H. Dirk Felton
Pages 873-884

Article Full Text PDF (1.93 MB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (3.04 MB) PDF

Towards a Universal “Baseline” Characterisation of Air Masses for High- and Low-Altitude Observing Stations Using Radon-222
Scott D. Chambers, Alastair G. Williams, Franz Conen, Alan D. Griffiths, Stefan Reimann, Martin Steinbacher, Paul B. Krummel, L. Paul Steele, Marcel V. van der Schoot, Ian E. Galbally, Suzie B. Molloy, John E. Barnes
Pages 885-899

Article Full Text PDF (604 KB) PDF

Model Evaluation

Evaluation of Aerosol Chemical Composition Simulations by the WRF-Chem Model at the Puy de Dôme Station (France)
Christelle Barbet, Laurent Deguillaume, Nadine Chaumerliac, Maud Leriche, Evelyn Freney, Aurélie Colomb, Karine Sellegri, Luc Patryl, Patrick Armand
Pages 909-917

Article Full Text PDF (829 KB) PDF Supplementary Material PDF (268 KB) PDF

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