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Volume 13, No. 1, February 2013

Cover Page and Content

Distribution of Nanoparticles near a Major U.S. and Canada Trade Bridge: Comparison of Simulations with Field Data
Kambiz Nazridoust, Goodarz Ahmadi, Chaosheng Liu, Andrea R. Ferro, Timothy R. McAuley, Peter A. Jaques, Philip K. Hopke
Pages 3-12

Article Full Text PDF (1.66 MB) PDF

Urban Aerosol Characteristics during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai
Min Zhang, Jianmin Chen, Xianyao Chen, Tiantao Cheng, Yuanling Zhang, Hefeng Zhang, Aijun Ding, Meng Wang, Abdelwahid Mellouki
Pages 36-48

Article Full Text PDF (7.5 MB) PDF

Absorption Spectrum of Ambient Aerosol and Its Correlation with Size Distribution in Specific Atmospheric Conditions after a Red Mud Accident
Ágnes Filep, Tibor Ajtai, Noémi Utry, Máté D. Pintér, Tünde Nyilas, Szabolcs Takács, Zsuzsanna Máté, András Gelencsér, András Hoffer, Martin Schnaiter, Zoltán Bozóki, Gábor Szabó
Pages 49-59

Article Full Text PDF (1.64 MB) PDF

Identification of PM2.5 Sources Affecting a Semi-Arid Coastal Region Using a Chemical Mass Balance Model
Priya Subramoney, Saritha Karnae, Zuber Farooqui, Kuruvilla John, Ashok K. Gupta
Pages 60-71

Article Full Text PDF (1020 KB) PDF

Composition and Mass Closure of PM2.5 in Urban Environment (Athens, Greece)
E. Remoundaki, P. Kassomenos, E. Mantas, N. Mihalopoulos, M. Tsezos
Pages 72-82

Article Full Text PDF (972 KB) PDF

Seasonal Study of Primary and Secondary Sources of Carbonaceous Species in PM10 from Five Northern Chinese Cities
Ying-Ze Tian, Zhi-Mei Xiao, Bo Han, Guo-Liang Shi, Wei Wang, Hui-Ze Hao, Xiang Li, Yin-Chang Feng, Tan Zhu
Pages 148-161

Article Full Text PDF (921 KB) PDF

Factors Affecting Filter Penetration and Quality Factor of Particulate Respirators
Sheng-Hsiu Huang, Chun-Wan Chen, Yu-Mei Kuo, Chane-Yu Lai, Roy McKay, Chih-Chieh Chen
Pages 162-171

Article Full Text PDF (389 KB) PDF

Particulate Matter Toxicity Evaluation Using Bioindicators and Comet Assay
Pasqua Vernile, Maria Tutino, Giuseppe Bari, Martino Amodio, Matteo Spagnuolo, Gianluigi de Gennaro, Enrico de Lillo
Pages 172-178

Article Full Text PDF (565 KB) PDF

Studies on a Severe Dust Storm in East Asia and Its Impact on the Air Quality of Nanjing, China
Xiao-Xian Huang, Ti-Jian Wang, Fei Jiang, Jing-Biao Liao, Yan-Feng Cai, Chang-Qin Yin, Jia-Lei Zhu, Yong Han
Pages 179-193

Article Full Text PDF (9.78 MB) PDF

Characteristics of the Nanoparticles in a Road Tunnel
Mitsuhiko Hata, Tong Zhang, Linfa Bao, Yoshio Otani, Yunhe Bai, Masami Furuuchi
Pages 194-200

Article Full Text PDF (308 KB) PDF

Volatile Organic Compounds and Nonspecific Conjunctivitis: A Population-Based Study
Chia-Jen Chang, Hsi-Hsien Yang, Chin-An Chang, Hsien-Yang Tsai
Pages 237-242

Article Full Text PDF (571 KB) PDF

Assessing the Hazardous Risks of Vehicle Inspection Workers’ Exposure to Particulate Heavy Metals in Their Work Places
Peng-Hui Li, Shao-Fei Kong, Chun-Mei Geng, Bin Han, Bing Lu, Ru-Feng Sun, Ruo-Jie Zhao, Zhi-Peng Bai
Pages 255-265

Article Full Text PDF (1002 KB) PDF

Applying the Membrane-Less Electrolyzed Water Spraying for Inactivating Bioaerosols
Chi-Yu Chuang, Shinhao Yang, Hsiao-Chien Huang, Chin-Hsiang Luo, Wei Fang, Po-Chen Hung, Pei-Ru Chung
Pages 350-359

Article Full Text PDF (405 KB) PDF

CO2 Adsorption by Y-Type Zeolite Impregnated with Amines in Indoor Air
Shih Ching Lee, Chu Chin Hsieh, Chien Hung Chen, You Syuan Chen
Pages 360-366

Article Full Text PDF (1.76 MB) PDF

Highly Time-Resolved Measurements of Secondary Ions in PM2.5 during the 2008 Beijing Olympics: The Impacts of Control Measures and Regional Transport
Xiaomei Gao, Wei Nie, Likun Xue, Tao Wang, Xinfeng Wang, Rui Gao, Wenxing Wang, Chao Yuan, Jian Gao, Kant Pathak Ravi, Jing Wang, Qingzhu Zhang
Pages 367-376

Article Full Text PDF (5.73 MB) PDF

Reduction in Motorcyclist Pollutant Exposure Intensity via the Aid of a Porous Front Fender and Rear Vent
Yao-Nan Wang, Jik Chang Leong, Jun-Yi Chen, Shiunn-Cheng Chuang, Chien-Hsiung Tsai
Pages 396-406

Article Full Text PDF (5.04 MB) PDF

Autumn and Wintertime Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in PM2.5 and PM2.5–10 from Urumqi, China
Yi Li Mire A Bu Da Limu, Di Li Nuer Ta LiFu, A Bu Lizi Yi Miti, Xinming Wang, Xiang Ding
Pages 407-414

Article Full Text PDF (296 KB) PDF

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