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Aims and Scope


The international journal of Aerosol and Air Quality Research (AAQR) covers all aspects of aerosol science and technology, atmospheric science and air quality related issues. It encompasses a multi-disciplinary field, including:

- Aerosol, air quality, air toxics, atmospheric chemistry and global change,

- Nanoparticle and nanotechnology,

- Sources, combustion, thermal decomposition, emission, properties, behavior, formation, transport, deposition, measurement and analysis,

- Effects on human health, plants and the environments,

- Pollution control technologies,

- Invention and improvement of sampling instruments and technologies,

- Optical/radiative properties and remote sensing,

- Carbon dioxide emission, capture, storage and utilization; novel methods for the reduction of carbon dioxide emission,

- Other topics related to aerosol and air quality.

ISSN 1680-8584 (paper)

ISSN 2071-1409 (electronic)


Biologists, chemists, environmental scientists, industrial hygienists, meteorologists,

physicists, toxicologists and all others with an interest in aerosol and air quality.

Manuscripts Submission

All manuscripts should be submitted on-line at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/aaqr

Prof. Daniel A. Jaffe (e-mail: djaffe@uw.edu)
Prof. Neng‐Huei (George) Lin (e-mail: nhlin@cc.ncu.edu.tw)

Publication Frequency

From 2016, Aerosol and Air Quality Research is published monthly. All published papers can be downloaded free at http://www.aaqr.org/

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